Copy+ 1.2

IPRO Copy+ simplifies even the most complex copying tasks (See all)

IPRO Copy+ allows you to scan and print simultaneously, increasing the efficiency of copy operations. You have the option to use prep sheets to feed multiple documents at the same time while preserving the document breaks. Additionally, because documents can be imaged and OCRed at scan time, you are able to utilize advanced search and retrieval capabilities for all copied documents.
Using IPRO Copy+, you are able to rotate, renumber, deskew, and despeckle pages prior to printing, reducing costly rework.
IPRO Copy+ provides paper copies of documents plus electronic versions, which can be stored on a CD, DVD, or disk file for portability and convenience. The electronic versions can be viewed using the IPRO IPublish Viewer, which is included with each export free of charge. Electronic documents can be searched, annotated, and quickly reprinted while preserving all binding element information.
Using IPRO Copy+, you are able to output paper document collections as searchable and/or bookmarked PDF images, TIFF images, litigation database load files, box index reports, or a complete runtime database system in addition to paper copies.

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